Jewel tones are going to be big news

Evoke on 27 November 2015

Trend forecasting is like looking into a crystal ball and hoping that what you see will really come true, when many times you might as well trust a magic 8 ball or your own instincts. But there are a couple of defined trends for Autumn/Winter 2016 that are worth looking at. One of which is that jewel tones are going to be big news for the mid-year event season. Couture and pret-a-porter fashion houses are already heading in this direction and the events market is no different. At evoke we take the word jewel literally with our trend for season.

When it comes to event styling, jewel tones create a warmth and depth of luxury that no other tones can deliver. A room entirely in tones of emerald, sapphire or ruby maybe too much for some, but it’s hard to ignore the impact these colours make and how we react when enveloped in this luxe style of decoration. With luxury design houses like Graf, Vuitton and Van Clef & Arpels releasing grand collections of Haute Joallerie with more and more stones, colours abound and why shouldn’t your event space sparkle like an emerald pendant.

Jewel tones create a warmth and depth of luxury that no other tones can deliver.

Opulent Emerald Lights

Emerald colour board

Deepest emerald adds a mysterious effect to a room, creating a tranquil lighting effect for your event. Coordinate it with golds and coppers or layer it over black to create a sumptuous, enviable look for your room. But it must be a deep emerald, anything else and you will be smelling like a mint julep in spring time. The colour of envy, of jealousy, of prized Malachite, your space will have the deepest intensity.

Shining Sapphire Events

Sapphire colour board

Using sapphire tones for your event emits an elegance and refined colouration that always looks smart but, in reality, we are talking blue. From Prussian Blue through to a deep Navy, your space will have a depth when paired with lighting to create a look that is a little off the norm. Think the reinterpreted Bond Dinner Suit – it’s actually blue and not black. That subtle difference adds a jewel tone, a warmth that black does not allow. Navy draping adds a sublime background to layers of metallics in your styling, from coppers and high shine golds through to crystal (think faceted Waterford). Furnishings for this season will have a definite feel for the metallic prominent from Summer 2015/16 and will tie in perfectly.

A Ruby Red Evening

Ruby red colour board

Red inspiration items

There’s always a reason why deep ruby lips can change a woman’s face and draw attention to her – red is the colour of passion, the colour of blood, the colour of majesty. You may not want to bathe your space in total red, but highlights or as a feature tamed with black will add a note of grandeur to your space. But keep it dark, keep it deep and keep it away from circus brightness (unless that’s what you’re after, we might suggest Pigeon’s Blood Ruby Red as your reference point).

The creative team at evoke knows that with red you should either go the whole nine yards, like they did at this ruby toned event, or keep it as a focal point in your design. But event styling is about nuances and subtleties – Blahnik lined the soles of his shoes with a touch of red, Chanel kept it to a lip. There are hints there in the taming of bright red, but deep jewel toned ruby should be used with abandon and painted everywhere in all its shades, from deep luxurious pink, mixed heavily with burgundy, to luxurious red/black purples.

Regardless of your direction and choice, these tones will add a level of refined luxury to your space. Layering is the key and, when in doubt, reduce the white noise of the venue with draping and then focus your spend on the tables or lounge and make that snap harder than ever before. You deserve a touch of luxe after all those years of bunting and pastel colours which we’re all a bit tired of.

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