A glimpse into the life of our Creative Director, Michael Davey

Evoke on 2 December 2015

Michael Davey is our Creative Director and events guru. He has over 12 years’ experience in the events design industry. Max Capacity caught up with him for an interview last month.

When asked what his most memorable event was, Michael said that all his events were memorable to him because “I throw myself in – heart and soul – to each and every one.” He also added that events planning was about making dreams come true, for the client and the guests.

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“The most important thing about putting on a successful event is balance.”

Michael’s advice for people starting out in the industry is to put in the hard yards and love what you do. Nobody starts out as the boss so it’s important to earn the respect of your clients and colleagues, and that can only be done with hard work and commitment.

According to Michael, the most important thing about putting on a successful event is balance. Like Goldilocks, the event needs to be just right, with a balance of light and shade, highs and lows.

Read Michael’s full interview with Max Capacity.

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