Stay ahead of the trend

Evoke on 25 May 2015

That doesn't mean you need to avoid the newest fashion trends for your event, even if it’s just a touch to liven up a table or add an accent to a room.

To create a unique event, the trick is to combine both ‘the fashionable’ and ‘the timeless’. Coco Chanel’s ‘always remove one item’ philosophy is the best path to finding this balance.

At evoke, we work with the leaders in fashion to discover the right direction for our clients.

We take a look at the trends and forecasts for winter 2015, where we see new styles mixing with some old event favourites.

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In our opinion, black is the old black. Black is a tool which contrasts, captures an audience's attention and reduces noise and distraction.

Black has always come in and out of style and is linked to different emotions. Black comes across as dark and broody, even as far as downright sinister, thanks to Disney’s interpretation of Maleficent.

At the end of the day, however, black is the ‘Little Black Dress -- the ‘go-to’ of the event world.

When in doubt, fade to black and create a pop of colour or sensation with a strong floral or a classic white element.



A summer favourite is grey. It has continued to dazzle when used in a country relaxed setting, or as a beautiful background to capture a subtle look and feel.

Grey acts as a simple background that highlights adjacent colours in a soft way. Orange or yellow pop when placed against grey charcoal table linen.

Grey is perfect for a venue bathed in white. It is never jarring or stark like black, and can add a softness to the room. Dior built a career out of it grey, so you can’t doubt its perfection.



Blue will always be in fashion. From the deepest French navy to the lightest egg shell, it’s all about placement and how it’s used.

This season, blue takes on a luminous character in satins, velvets and variations on layered fabrics.

Our use of custom pin-tuck blue cloths for the 2014 Brownlow Medal brought tables to life with shine and created the base for a new look.

Blue will be ‘on-trend’ for several seasons, but will as always change shades and textures to keep its popular appeal. Think darker tones for a sumptuous dinner and lighter shades for wedding.



When it comes to being ‘on-trend’ you cannot ignore the metallic family of colours.

In the past, we saw the abundance of gold table accessories in all shapes and sizes, dubbed the ‘Dubai effect’. Cover tables in gold as bright as the sun and they definitely will not go unnoticed.

In many ways the ‘bling factor’ was overused and like fashion trends there is always a swing in the opposite direction.

Where we are today is more subtle. There is less shine, yet more luxury. We welcome the matte metallic look.

Copper, bronze and rose gold are all coming through in table décor and linen, with the trend being matte interpretations of the classic metals of last year.

Event décor is not immune to this change in taste and fancy, so don't be surprised to see matte metals in sequin or stripped linen hit the tables soon.



Last year the hive shape was in. There was everything from geometric pineapples covered in gold, through to delicate lanterns strung up with invisible wire.

It was a season where the vase was more important than the flowers, and the coming season will be no different.

Expect to see more use of sculptural shapes in table décor, flowers at strange angles and a move towards the use of marble, ceramics and matte metals.

There will be no moves towards wrought iron, as it’s been done before. That should be saved for a ‘Game of Thrones’ inspired night trivia night!

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