See how the top fashion houses put on a show!

Evoke on 1 December 2015

You thought it was all about fashion! Here is the evoke event staging Top 4 most eye-catching runway staging of the 2016 Spring Summer Season.

Some watch these shows for the fashion, while the rest of us watch these for pure inspiration. evoke knows a thing or two about putting on beautiful fashion events, but when it comes to immersive design, no one does it better than a fashion house, with a budget bigger than you could ever dream of. Here is the evoke event staging “Top 4” eye catching runway shows for Spring Summer 2016.


Dior staging and design

The House of Dior may be saying good bye to its saviour, but Raf Simons and Bureau Betak have created one of the most audacious and eye-catching sets of the season. You can’t really call it a mound or a hill, but this blue delphinium covered structure erected in the centre of the Louvre hid a stunning white space as a background to a collection inspired by Peter Weirs Picnic at Hanging Rock. It took three solid weeks of construction and involved 100 florists, carpenters and riggers. It was composed of 15 trucks worth of scaffolding, 2,000 square meters of oasis floristry foam and, wait for it, 40 tons of blue delphiniums.


Chanel stage design

When it comes to blockbusters, no one does it like the venerable House of Chanel and this year the Kaiser, Karl Lagerfeld, let his imagination go wild and transformed the Grand Palais into the Chanel terminal. Nothing is left unbranded, from the 40 check-in counters, to “CC” embossed luggage trolleys and a departure board listing the locations of where the House had created showcases in the past, Dubai, Hong Kong, etc. If this is the check-in counter, we can only imagine the flight!


Givenchy fashion show stage design

Tying together the anniversary of the 9/11 tragedy and showing in New York and not downtown Paris, Givenchy teamed up with artist Marina Abramović to create this recycled backdrop to its collection. Re-birth, love, peace and humility were the themes with the glittering backdrop that is New York. Corrugated iron, recycled packing containers, running water and a burgeoning forest. Riccardo gets our vote for purely thinking of doing a show outdoors.

Philipp Plein

Philipp Plein fashion show stage designPhilipp Plein fashion show

Sometimes shows are a little bit more deep than we really want to know. Philipp Plein got us thinking and made it to our list after sending his collection down a moving conveyor belt through a whirl of robotic arms and drones (supposedly putting the final touches to outfit before they are packed and shipped). Imagine a glamorous engine plant, but well lit!

Whatever the inspiration, whatever the budget, these spectacles that sell billions of dollars worth of handbags and perfumes, deliver us magical dreamscapes like no other, they are the last “showmen” – how long will this last?

If you want an insight into this world, those with Apple TV can tune into the new M2M Channel and see these shows roll out just after they happen. Don’t forget to watch the series The Day Before for an eye-opening look at fashion madness at work in the final hours before a show.

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